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Rappelz FAQCurrent Position: Home Page > Rappelz FAQ
一、Account Related
Q: How do I register for an account? Is there a subscription fee?
A:The game is free-to-play. You can register for an account at http://www.eaglegame.com.my申请帐号。
Q: How can I modify my user profile and password?
答:Log on to http://www.eaglegame.com.my and click on the account tab.
The account tab shows the 'edit password' link and the 'change profile' options. Through this, you will be able to change your account settings.
Q: What can I do if I forget my ID and password?
答:Go to the 'forgot password' link at our login page for your account or simply click this link: http://www.eaglegame.com.my/Member/ForgotPassword.aspx
Click 'forgot password' and enter your e-mail address and user account.
A message will appear:
Congratulations. Your application has been successfully submitted, we have sent the password in your registered email address. Please check the mailbox ASAP, and complete the retrieve password operation according to the letter prompts. Thanks!
Check your e-mail for further instructions. If you forget your password, please send an email to cs@rappelz.my.
Q: Can I transfer characters and account(s) to other users?
A:At present, Eaglegame does not allow character or account transfer.
二、System Related
Q: The GMs are asking for a DxDiag report. How do I know my DxDiag?
  • 1. Click the [Start] menu on the lower side of the base screen -> and select [Execute].。
  • 2. Input dxdiag on the [Execute] column to open the 'DirectX Testing Tool'.
  • 3. Under the "system" tab of the 'DirectX testing device', the operation system (OS) and processor(CPU), memory(RAM), and DirectX version are confirmed.
  • 4. From the "Display" tab, the type of graphic card, memory, graphic driver update date and others are confirmed.
Device: You may confirm the name (type of graphic card) and entire memory value (graphic memory).
Driver: You may confirm the data (final date of update for graphic driver).
Q: What should I do when error occurs during patching?
A:It is likely that the patch file is damaged or when the server is expired, the patch is sometimes not processed.
Therefore, make sure to refer to the homepage -> notice for the normal operation of the game server, and if nothing is wrong, try again for patching works.
In the event of error from the "problem of file size", click the [Continue] button to continue the patch works.
You can also request for a DVD installer by sending the following information your Name, Address, Landline and cellphone number to cs@rappelz.my.
Q: I want to update the graphic driver and DirectX 9.0c.
A:For you to play Rappelz, you need to update the Direct9.0c and graphic card with the newest version. Direct9.0c and graphic driver are available for download from the [Data Room]-[Download] page.
[Dxdiag - confirmation method of direct version and graphic card version]
  • 1. Click the [Start] menu on the lower side of the base screen -> and select [Execute].
  • 2. Input dxdiag on the [Execute] column to open the 'DirectX Testing Tool'.
  • 3. Under the "system" tab of the 'DirectX testing device', the operation system (OS) and processor (CPU), memory(RAM), and DirectX version are confirmed.
  • 4. From the "Display" tab, the type of graphic card, memory, graphic driver update date and others are confirmed.
Device: You may confirm the name (type of graphic card) and entire memory value (graphic memory).
Driver: You may confirm the data (final date of update for graphic driver).
Q: I am seeing the error update: The game is not executed.
A:In the event that the game is not executed, please inquire at the [Customer support] - [E-mail inquiry] together with the detailed information by generating dxdiag.txt like the below [method to send the Dxdiag file] and we will do the best we can to help you.
[How to send the Dxdiag file]
  • 1. Click the [Start] menu on the lower side of the base screen, and select [Execute].
  • 2. Input dxdiag on the [Execute] column to open the 'DirectX Testing Tool'.
  • 3. When the ‘DirectX Testing Tool’ is executed, click the ‘Save All Information’ to generate dxdiag.txt.
  • 4. After login, please send the detailed content on the situation where the problem occurs to the [Customer Support]-[E-mail Inquiry] together with the attachment of the dxdiag.txt file.
Q: The error message in Direct3DCreate9( ) generation failure shows up.
A:The generation failure error of Direct3DCreate9( ) is an error message generated in the event of installing the Direct Version is 9.0C or below on the computer.
Direct9.0c can be downloaded from the [Data Room]-[Download] page.
After installing Direct, make sure to re-boot the computer to apply the newly installed version.
Q: When running the game, it has the message saying, "This is not a recommended configuration."
A:When executing the game and the reason for error message is that 'this is not the configuration recommended for games' is that when the graphic card is checked on the game client, the graphic card loaded on the PC does not support the Vertex Shader.
In the event of not supporting the Shader function, use the software Shader to execute the game; however, if the frame figure is low in the area where there are many villages or effects that the game may not be preceded flawlessly.
Q: I was doing well in the game when I changed the resolution and the screen was dead and unable to link again.
A:Currently the problem of unable to link when modifying the resolution is being studied and corrected. Until all problems are amended, do not delete the file set for resolution.
The resolution set file shall go to the folder with Rappelz and delete the (C:\Program Files\EagleGame\Rappelz) Rappelz_v1.opt file and execute the game again.
Q: I changed from game option to window mode, and the window mode does not work.
A:When it is modified into window mode from the game option, the resolution changes to 1024x768. However, in the event that the resolution of the computer used is 1024x768, it may be shown without changed into the window mode.
In this case, click the right button on the mouse on the base screen and click the "Attribute", the "Display Registration Information" is shown.
When you "set" at the upper tap of the "display registration information", the "resolution" is there, and if your set the "resolution" higher than 1024x768, the use of window mode in games is possible.
Quick Download Links
Vista users guide
1.First of all, you will want to add Launcher.exe and SFrame.exe to your Data Execution P revention (DEP) list. To do this, just follow this path:
  • ◦ Open the Control Panel.
  • ◦ Click on System.
  • ◦ Click on Advanced System Settings (last item on the list at the left hand side of the window).
  • ◦ A window with 5 tabs will pop up. In the first section of the tab that is visible (Advanced), click the settings button.
  • ◦ Another window with 3 tabs will pop up. Click the third tab (Data Execution Prevention)
  • ◦ Click the "Add" button near the bottom of the window and browse for the programs you want to add to the list.
2.Another common problem: The Win98UpdateUtil.exe issue.
  • ◦ First, you have to find the Win98UpdateUtil.exe file in your Rappelz folder and run it in order to start the game.
  • ◦ Second, you can right click on the Rappelz icon and select "Run as Administrator".
  • ◦ Third, you can permanently fix this by selecting User Accounts in the Control Panel and disabling the User Account control (the last item on the menu in the center).
  • Please note that most of these fixes require access to an administrator account.
Q: Freezing Issue During installation (Window Vista).
A: Some Users might experience problems freezing issue during Installation. Computers with Windows Vista that had User Account Control might need to turn it off.
Instruction to Turn off User Account Control
  • 1. Press the Start Button.
  • 2. Type Msconfig.exe in the search field.
  • 3. Go to Tools > Select Disable User Account Control (Requires Restart)
  • 4. Select Launch and Restart.
Q:Rappelz client not responding issue
A:Download "WinRAR". WinRAR helps extract large files. Once you've installed WinRAR, just double click on the Rappelz icon, and extract it to your desktop. This game takes a fair amount of time to extract/install, but not as long as it took to download it.
Q: Patching the game launcher is taking too long?
A:You may opt to do the ff:
  • 1. Close the launcher and wait.
  • 2. Open the launcher again to patch.
You will notice that the patching will be faster. You should be able to play the game shortly.
*Recommended Download: Download Accelerator Plus when downloading the client.
Q: I am experiencing Latency issues or lag how do I report and resolve this problem?
A:For DSL broadband users first attempt to restart your modem, turn off the modem and count for ten seconds before turning it on.
There is a restart switch per modem. At the back of the modem, you can use a pen to tap the button at the back.
If 1 and 2 does not work, please send us a tracert file so we can check where the latency is coming from Send us an email with the ff information:
  • 1. Real name:
  • 2. RZ Username:
  • 3. Internet Service Provider (i.e. SMARTbro, VIBE, PLDT dsl):
  • 4. Location:
  • 5. Contact Number:
  • 6. Where are you currently playing?
  • 7. When did you start to encounter this problem?
  • 8. Are there any programs/application running in the background while attempting to connect?
  • 9. Tracert and PING results::
How to get a Tracert?
  • a. Open Command Prompt Window: (search for RUN and type CMD)
  • b. Type tracert
  • c. Press Enter.
  • d. Wait until Trace Complete appears.
  • e. Right click on your mouse button and choose Select All. Then click on Copy.
  • f. Paste the results in your email.
How to get a PING?
  • a. Open Command Prompt Window: (search for RUN and type CMD)
  • b. Type ping
  • c. Press Enter
  • d. Wait until another command prompt appears.
  • e. Right click on your mouse button and choose Select All and then click on Copy.
  • f. Paste the results in your email.
三、Game Related
Q: What is the Condition system?
A:When the player stops the game and takes a rest, the avatar in the game also takes a rest to make effective growth in the system.
Condition is consist of normal, good and best, and the parameter to figure them is the “Stamina”. As the stamina figure gets higher, the condition gets better, and if the condition is good, it would have the bonus when acquiring the EXP (experience value) and JP (job point).
Q: Is there an item for Stamina?
A:There is an item called Stamina Booster. It exists on the game but is a very rare item.
Q:Is the EXP of quest increased by Condition?
A:The EXP of quest is not affected by Condition.
Q: Does summon have Condition and Stamina?
A:Summon does not have Condition.
Q: Does the percentage of acquiring Rupee, Lark and Item change by Condition?
A:Condition system is a system introduced for the student gamers and working gamers who have less time for game playing.
If you play in relatively short period of time, the condition of the avatar is maintained in good condition that would be of great help for growth.
Of course, the set is made not to reach and interfere with the 'time investment zone' for highly passionate gamers to play for a long period of time.
Even for those playing for long-period of time, the non-linkage time is longer than the linkage time in normal cases. It would provide the benefit for certain condition system.
Q: When I disregard or remove Condition and hand for Monsters, can I increase the rate of acquisition of EXP for 50%?
A:When the stamina is recovered for 24 hours in the village, Monsters can be hunted down better than normal condition for approximately 1-3 hours.
It takes stamina proportion to EXP at the time of hunting down Monster. The time to reduce the stamina may differ depending on the play style of individual.
Q: How much time does it take to exhaust Stamina?
A:It takes approximately three days in the village to fill up from 0 of Stamina. Conversely speaking, if you stop the game for three days or longer, no more Stamina will be piled up.
Q: When would Stamina be reduced?
A:When hunting for Monster, Stamina is reduced in proportion to the acquired EXP. The low exp is acquired in hunting down the low level of monsters while the small volume of stamina is reduced. Conversely, if the high level monster is hunted down, it reduces substantial volume of stamina.
In addition, as the level of avatar gets higher, the volume of stamina consumed is reduced that even if the level of avatar is heightened, the reduction of stamina would be maintained in similar figure in the case of hunting down the same standard level.
When hunting down the same level of Monster, it would reduce approximately 10 of Stamina.
Q: How can Stamina be recovered?
A:Stamina is recovered little by little at all times.
In particular, in the event that there is a character in each village, it is maintained in peaceful condition. Without the threat of monsters, the stamina recovery speed increases for three times when compared with the field.
However, the recovery speed does not increase at the Camp of Island for trainees.
In addition, Stamina is recovered when not linked to the game.
There is a significant difference in the volume of stamina recovery for the case of contact ending at the village and the contact ending at the field. We would recommend ending at the village as much as possible.
Q: What advantage will a good Condition do?
A:When Condition is “bad”, it means the fatigued condition for excessive hunting is not at its normal rate. At this time, when hunting for Monster, you may obtain EXP and JP only as much for setting.
If the condition is “normal” or “good”, the mind and body are in pleasant condition that it would receive 50% of bonus when acquiring EXP and JP with Monster hunting. In the event Condition is “good”, the additional recovery speed of Stamina is increased slightly.
Q: How can Condition and Stamina be checked?
A:You may confirm with the colors on the HP on the upper left side and EXP gauge under the MP gauge. When the mouse cursor is lifted on the EXP gauge, you may confirm the current Condition and Stamina in tulip shape.
Q: How can you learn and improve skill(s)?
A:When Monster is hunted, you will earn EXP (experience value) along with the JP (job point).
JP may raise the occupation level, skill learning and skill level of the avatar, and as the JP gets higher, the skills to be learned expands.
Depending on the JLv (job level), new skill is available. Skills can be learned only when JP is exhausted. Theskills already learned may be raised for skill level by exhausting JP.
Skill is made up in tree structure. Some of the skills may have some requirement that other skills may have to be raised for few levels.
Q: How can I obtain a Creature?
A:There are Merchant NPCs in each town who sell creature cards used to tame pets. Creatures all over the world can drop creature cards as well. Once you have purchased one of these cards and learned the Creature Taming skill, use your Creature Taming spell on a creature of the type shown on the card. Defeat the creature. If your Creature Taming spell is successful, you will acquire a pet.
Q: How to redeem CBT items

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